You Dig?


July 24, 2012 by emarketingrookie

Anyone using Digg as part of their social media strategy? You need to read this.

This morning TechNewsWorld released this article detailing the thoughts of emarketing expert Brian Carter.

But first, a quick catch up. Digg started out well, as a pioneer in the social sharing universe attracting about 30million curious minds each month. However, after “an unpopular redesign, management turnover, and a rise in competition from sites such as Reddit and Facebook, however, Digg became increasingly irrelevant,” says TechNewsWorld.

The site has since been sold to Betaworks who run sites like findings, bitly, bloglovin’ and social flow. Betaworks are supposedly planning to “turn the company back into a startup and redesign it as a site that would fit in with the current social news climate.”
One can only hope!

As Carter said, Reddit was able to achieve what Digg couldn’t – “a popular user-driven content site.”

“In my opinion, people might go back to Digg if they simply dialed it back to the old site,” he suggested. “That would create some nostalgia. Otherwise, they’re going to have to come up with a one-in-a-million great idea for the new site, and chances of that working out are pretty slim.”

But I want to know what you think. Are you carrying on with your Digg activities or are you going to focus your energy somewhere else for the time being?


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