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March 12, 2012 by emarketingrookie

Have you heard of Edge Rank Checker?

I am so impressed! Not so much with the service, which, handy as it is, only caters for your Facebook needs and as we know Twitter and Pinterest (to name a few) are an equally large part of any emarketing campaign. I think I am more impressed with the inclusiveness of the service, how reasonable it is for those of us earning Rands, and the clear, simple, easy to understand website.

At $15 per month /per page for the Pro Version includes:


  • Industry Report
  • Post Grading
  • Page Specific Recommendations
  • EdgeRank Score over time
  • Visual Analysis of Engagement Progess
  • Best Day + Best Time + Best Keyword
  • Best Post Type: Status/Photo/Link/Video
  • Even more features on the way!

With a PRO plan you get all of the features in the Free plan plus additional features to give you the most up to date recommendations that give your page the competitive Edge. Starting at only $15 per month, per page you get the most in-depth statistics and recommendations.

Or you can go for the free option which includes:


  • EdgeRank Score
  • Best Avg Day of the Week
  • Worst Avg Day of the Week
  • Avg Most New Fans Day of the Week
  • Avg Most Loss of Fans Day of the Week
  • See the Pro Plan to get in depth analysis and recommendations!

The Original EdgeRank Checker that has already serviced over 200,000 pages and over 3 billion fans! The EdgeRank Checker Free plan can be used anytime to see basic stats!

And who knows, maybe they’ll introduce something for Twitter!


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