If This Then That

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February 1, 2012 by emarketingrookie

We’ve posted about the different platforms you can use to manage your emarketing, and all of them have their pro’s and con’s.

And then there is this one: If This Then That

Perfectly put, you would use it to “Put the internet to work for you.”

Basically, for every trigger (this) you implement a task (that).

Sound complicated?

It’s not really. All you have to do is sign up, and browse through their 433,065 recipes to find a few that suit your needs, and emarketing channels.

The design is uncomplicated, the steps to follow are simple, and, considering their incredible growth happened after being up and running for just one year, I’ll say they’re doing something right.

The site caters for both business and personal use. You can email posts to facebook and twitter, you can get a daily email with 10 things you should know, you can order an email to let you know it will rain tomorrow. And the list goes on and on and on…

These are just 4 examples:

In their own words:

“We began with the theory that as our digital tools became more domain specific and easier to use, there would be vast amounts of creative potential in how any two tools might be used in tandem. We knew that with this immense potential came a problem of equal proportions. There just aren’t enough developers and designers in the world to craft all these connections. A million developers at a million laptops wouldn’t even make a dent. So we set out to build an incredibly simple tool that anyone could use to define creative, event-driven tasks that fit the pattern “if this then that.””

Jesse and Linden – founders of if this then that

Check it out!


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